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Join the Union

Membership is open to all faculty, staff, and graduate employees at Northern Arizona University. Your support is crucial in our fight for equity, stability, transparency, and a voice for our members.

Please fill out an online registration form. Make sure to use a non-work email and select the appropriate dues structure from the dropdown menu. These funds are an important tool that supports the basic operation of the Union and helps us advance our goals in both the near and long term. The proportional dues structure voted upon and approved by UUNA members is as follows: 

  • Higher Ed. NAU Employees earning up to $36,999: $10 per month

  • Higher Ed. NAU Employees earning between $37,000-$69,999: $19.17 per month

  • Higher Ed. NAU Employees earning $70,000 and above: $38.33 per month

Thank you for joining UUNA-AFT!

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