Message the NAU Presidential Search Committee

UUNA-AFT is providing the following suggestions for composing an effective letter and potential topics to address, to assist members when writing letters to ABOR and the NAU Presidential Search Committee regarding NAU’s future. Faculty, staff, graduate employees, students, and community members are all encouraged to write. Letters should be sent to


Guidelines for an effective letter:

  • First and foremost, remember that all letters to ABOR become part of the public record.  Be mindful about putting anything in writing that may endanger your future at NAU, your colleagues, or your department

  • Focus on positive change for the future - do not dwell on the outgoing administration’s mistakes 

  • Address what makes NAU unique and strong, both historically and in the future.  Discuss the specific qualities that make NAU distinct from ASU and UofA

  • Provide a vision for NAU’s future and where our future president should lead


Possible Topics to Address:

  • NAU’s essential role as a public university that serves under-represented groups (Native Americans, Latino/Latina/Latinx, first-generation students, veterans, etc) and our role in improving social and economic mobility

  • The vital role of a university education in teaching essential and transferrable skills that provide our students with flexibility to face the challenges of a rapidly changing economy and world

  • The renewal of shared governance.  Faculty leadership on curriculum is paramount for a strong university.  The next president should be dedicated to restoring shared governance  

  • Vision of NAU as a community in which all disciplines are essential.  NAU has a history of interdisciplinary excellence that should be celebrated and expanded.  In such a community, no department or college should be sacrificed to improve the budgetary well-being of another.  The next administration should not only recognize the value of all departments but also support the research and creative endeavors of TT and NTT faculty in departments

  • Transparency in budgeting and decision-making, and accountability for those decisions.

  • The establishment of tenure-track teaching-focused positions for those individuals which currently occupy NTT faculty roles

  • Prioritizing people and protection of jobs.  Future hiring and “non-renewal” decisions should be part of a transparent process that prioritizes the well-being of people and protects employment of graduate employees, staff, and faculty.  In the absence of a teaching tenure line, contracts for NTT should be extended to 3 years rather than single year contracts in order to provide stability and security to NTT faculty, the students who sign up for their classes, and the university that has come to rely so heavily on their labors. Provide retirement vesting options for staff.

  • Establishing health and wellness guidelines beyond federal disability regulations that enable student employees, staff, and faculty to make choices that protect and enhance their health and safety and the health and safety of their families

You can also read our letter sent to the Regents on behalf of The University Union of Northern Arizona-AFT by accessing our news page here.